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GM Support for Schools & Academies, Councils and Private Clients



Stewart Cormack is available for GM Support with all aspects of your Grounds Maintenance & Development.

01243 574441



The GM Support provides client support to on the management and development of their grounds, and ensures that contractors carry out their duties to the specified standard and provide value for money.

In addition:

  • has the knowledge and expertise to advise on all grounds maintenance matters
  • advise on issues relating to trees
  • undertake site surveys
  • advise clients on invoicing matters
  • carry out inspections of Trees, Play Equipment and Grounds
  • work with schools to develop environmental aspects 'Grounds for Education'




 Fixed Play Equipment 


Service Agreement




 GM Support:


  • ensuring that specifications meet the client's needs, comply with legal and requirements and provide value for money;
  • providing the clients with an annual report of their grounds;
  • supporting clients in the management of their contract, by dealing with contractual disputes.

 Providing advice to clients on:

  • development of environmental areas, grounds development works and facilitating the practical arrangements required to carry them out;
  • all issues relating to contract management;
  • the installation, inspection and repair of play equipment;
  • the maintenance of trees on site and checking for statutory tree restrictions;
  • suitable contractors to undertake tree surgery and pest control work;
  • all issues relating to tree management; and;
  • health and safety issues relating to grounds.



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